After The Break Up

Hi there, I trust that my thoughts find you feeling better or at least searching for some truth. Whatever the case this is me sharing with you a piece of the things I went through after my heartbreak. I share this only as a form of therapy so use it.


A Bad Break Up.

9 Thoughts/Feelings I Had

1) The Morning after you break up with some one you dated you wonder why you showed them so much of yourself.

2) You question their genuineness as you rush through all the memories you have, both good and bad. Rationalising the good and deeply hating the bad.

3) When you weigh the odds and realise it was a total waste of your life and resources, you get mad & angry! You regret giving freely many of the things they didn’t deserve.

4) If you revealed your body, you feel abused and even naked yet physically fully clothed.

5) You may even cry and go through all your moments of submission to that persons selfishness.

6) If you revealed your insecurities you feel mentally ashamed of yourself and may even pick through your insecurities blaming yourself for even being vulnerable.

7) If you revealed your emotions you feel inwardly naked because their words were your blanket and cover. You could be free with them and tell all.

8) The deeper end is the sins you were willing to commit because you “Loved or Lusted” after the person the guilt you felt then and some you still feel now.

9) The feeling of being robbed financially, emotionally, mentally and even socially by an ex.

I went through it all and today I stand up smiling because I started for once to take who I am seriously, I had to receive love again to help restore the things I lost. I had to work hard to get my money back and most of all my self respect. What I gave was not all of me but from me. It means I have plenty more to give to the right person when the time comes. They took all my best “presents” but did not take my future. They damaged my self esteem but they did not take my dream. Whatever the cost you had to pay to be the man or woman you are today, wake up and write the rest of the story! We could slump in pain, embarrassment, shame, poverty and even mental recurring curses or stand up and say……..

9 Thoughts, Statements & Commitments That Helped Restore Me

1) My “Love” will be refilled and I will be loved again.
2) I should continue to love, but with wisdom, knowledge, and real faith in the persons substance.
3) I will find the right one with out having to give my body away to seal the deal.
4) My good friends are not my enemies.
5) He/She broke my heart but I can keep it broken or ask God for Healing.
6) Trust is not hard to give & real love is not easy to keep.
7) Promiscuity is not healthy for anyone let alone a broken heart.
8) I won’t experience a rebound if my team are supporting me.
9) I will not make a relationship real until I know that It will help me become the man/woman I need to be for the dreams we both have.

The 10th that made me overcome…..

10) No body should have the power to destroy a life they did not create. My heart is a treasure that must be guarded with all diligence for out of it come the issues of life. I will be a better man through Gods help by the time I meet the right woman. my faith is my integrity, and love is my choice not a random act. Emotions are by-products of continuous nurturing.

With that said your questions are always welcome and help is available.

All things said with Love and Respect
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